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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Canada Here I CUM!

Hey Guys,
I'm heading home for a little while to visit my family and freeze my ass off:-) I can't wait!!!! I'll be hanging with my brother, cousins and old friends. It's been a while since the last time so it's exciting. I know it's freaking cold in Canada right now, but ol well. Steve is excited. He loves the snow. He's from South Texas so he actually looks forward to something other than the heat. He actually smiles when it rains or when it's cloudy here in Southern California. Lol. I hope you boys have enjoyed my blog so far. I know i've enjoyed building it and from what i gather, it looks like you do too. Thanks for all your positive comments! I love you guys so much! I will be out in the country and there is isn't High speed internet, so I might not get updates often, but I will be visiting my cousins in the city, and I know they do have high speed internet. So when I visit them, I'll post and give you updates of my trip.

Brent Everett

Monday, 25 February 2008

Brent Everett Fucks Pierre Fitch Teaser 1

See more of this hot video inside BrentEverett.com

This is the scene everyone wanted and got. See me pound the shit out of Power Bottom Pierre Fitch. Two Canadians go at it like there's no tomorrow. Jeremy Hall helps film this scene.

Screen Caps

Teaser Video 1 of Brent Everett fucking Pierre Fitch

Brent Everett's "Wantin' More" screen caps

Wantin' More's Scene 4 (Brent Fucks Jeremy Jordan)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

This Sunday see me LIVE

Cum see Me LIVE here at BrentEverett.com

Our Go Go boys might look familiar

We have had some of the cutest boys dance for us all last year. Was it the nature of our event? Was it the fact that my site was sponsoring it? I don't know, but looks like these go go boys took it to the next level and good for them.

It's great seeing all the boys we hand picked to dance for us end up in the adult film industry. Shows we have a good eye;-) So we'll take it as a compliment. Military Madness Night was also the only event that had both Me & Brent Corrigan working together again. Granted, it was only to dance but for many fans it was a great treat.

If you boys think you got what it takes to model, go HERE & fill out the modeling form. Don't forget to send pics separately.

Spencer Kendall

Porn Star Brent Corrigan (special guest dancer)

Casey "12 inch" Wood & Jesse Drake

Aaron King

Ace with 2 other Dirk Yates Models

Porn Star Ashton Ryan (a guest, not a dancer)

There is more, but I think this post went too long. I'll continue soon in the future. These parties really shouldn't be missed. You never know who will pop up;-)

Me at South Beach night club in Houston, Texas

Just hanging around

One fetish of mine is seeing a flacid/semi erect cock. We all love rock hard cocks, but there's something about watching it grow before your eyes, or having it grow in your mouth... yummm! So here I am, just lounging thinking of it and figured I should just post something about it. How about you? What's more of a turn on for you? A soft cock, semi cock or a rock hard cock? I love cock period;-)

Me just hanging low. Really low;-)

Ben's sucking on Jon's semi hard cock

Cajan in the kitchen

Casey Wood & Jesse Drake

Drake & Jay

Collin in Texas

Damien in DC

Makes me hard just looking at them;-)

See more of these boys and many more here @ BrentEverett.com

From the bottom of my Heart...

I just want to thank each and everyone of you that wished me a Happy Birthday. I had an amazing birthday week starting in Texas & ending in California. This was by far the most memorable birthday and it's because all of your love & support. Thanks again guys!

Brent Everett

The XXX Show (Red Room)

Hey Guys,
Here are some vid caps from one of my live shows. I did this show in our Red Room and had on Orange XXX Underwear. The show was hot. Check it out here:

Brent Everett LIVE in Houston, Texas

Here I am in Houston, Texas. South Beach. Houston's #1 Dance Club PERIOD. I fucking had an amazing time in Houston. The boys were so amazing and sweet. They made sure i had a great time and went out of their way to make me feel at home. This was also my birthday weekend and the owner, Charles Armstrong... along with Jose, Pierre, & Darrin made sure i brought in my BDay with Style. I had a great time and can't wait to come back.


Monday, 18 February 2008

Here's something to pick u up during the day

Here's a fucking HOT ass picture of Steve & Me at night fucking around. We're comparing the size with a Sobe NO FEAR energy soda can. If any of you've seen them, they're pretty big/tall. This was one fucking hot NIGHT!


Sunday, 17 February 2008