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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My KSEX Radio Interview Part 3

I close the interview with Steve by my side. We talk about everything in this whole interview, even Brent Corrigan and his work in the business. Nothings off limits and that's what makes it a fucking great time. I hope you guys get a little bit of my life from it.

Brent Everett

I'm LIVE Thursday!

Hey guys, join me Thursday for my live show. Try to sign on a few minutes before hand. We've been experiencing some issues with some people not getting in because its maxed or some other reasons. If this is the case, E-mail support@brenteverett.com with the specs of your computer along with the version of your browser with a brief explanation of what happens to you or what you see.


Our PIX Magazine photo shoot

My KSEX Radio Interview Part 2

In this segment, Steve joins in the conversations and livens it up a little. Watch and see

KSEX.com and learning to open up

I had a lot of fun doing the KSEX Radio interview with Jason Sechrest. I'll admit I was a little nervous. I'm not good at interviews & not a very public person. I might not seem shy, but I am. I really only feel like a different person when I'm naked or in a scene. It's like I don't have to worry about anything anymore. I'm in character.

But getting deeper into my mind, feelings and thoughts was never something I'd allow to happen. It was a way of protecting myself from the world. The porn world and regular world is full of people out to hurt or judge you. I learned a long time ago to just not let people in so they wouldn't hurt me. This allowed me to keep business separate from pleasure etc. So I really never answered many personal questions, especially about the barebacking.

Once I met Steve, things changed. Steve helped me understand the meaning of opening up and not being afraid of opinion. He said people will always hate you or love you no matter what. The best thing was to just care about the ones that did care about me and not worry about the ones who didn't. I can't change peoples opinion once it's made, but i can give people a better understanding of what i've done in my life and why. I could be seen as more of a human being and maybe help others along the way. Steve's had therapy too. He's a scorpio and Scorpios never open up. But when he had a military accident and almost lost his leg, he had to get physical and emotional therapy to help guide him and not get down or depressed.

When that happened, he learned to allow people in and actually talk about his problems or thoughts/emotions. It helped him and with that, he's been a better listener and speaker ever since. He's pretty successful in things he does. So with that little push, he's helped me with my own demons and be more confident. Talking and listening in its own way, is therapy. I've learned this and i'm not afraid to open up anymore.

Anyways, he kinda encouraged me to open up as well and go on with Jason Sechrest. If i could handle that, then i could handle most anything...

I have to say, I've been better at speaking to large groups of people and socializing. I'm still shy, but I'm more confident. Human. I don't care about being judged.

I only care about being me. I hope you care about being you too.


Getting Wet

My KSEX Radio Interview Part 1

Hey Guys, a while back I was a guest on The Jason Sechrest Show on KSEX Radio. Jason Sechrest is of jasoncurious.com interviews porn stars gay & straight. Well, I hadn't really done interviews before & was really nervous about it. I gave one for a movie I did a long time ago and didn't do it again.... Until now.

I came up to LA with Steve to a special appearance at MJ's with Jason the night before the radio show. That night was a lot of fun and Jason talks about some of it on the program. There's lots to be heard actually;-)

**This is the 1st radio interview where I answer all the questions everyones ever wanted answered. This video is divided into 3 parts. **

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Tuesday Night

Hey Guys,
  I'll have new posts tomorrow.  Sorry for not having one in a couple of days.  I've been busy with house work and models etc.  I have a LIVE WebCam on Thursday.  So I'm looking forward to that as well.  Take care studs.


Sunday, 27 January 2008

Celebrating New Years in LA with thousands of people!

This year we spent New Years in Downtown LA. We went to the biggest party held in that city. DJ Tiesto headlined and played in Tent 1. DJ Roger Sanchez played in Tent 2. We went from Tiesto to Sanchez b/c the crowds in Tiesto were mad men. Roger ended up being more of my favorite anyways. I love tribal. The video was shot with our little camera. I think it takes pretty good vids.


This is gonna sound butch of me...

The Superbowl is almost here! It's the NY Giant's Vs. The New England Patriots & they're playing the next state over. Arizona. I know not everyones into football, but come on, you have to love these studs in homo erotic positions, uniforms etc. Tom Brady is HOT! The game itself is fun to watch. Although I'm more of a Hockey person, i can appreciate american football. In light of the days coming up to the big football party, I have a few boys here for you. They're from a photoshoot Steve put together for the league he plays in. He used these in promotional ads and It worked. They had the biggest jump in membership EVER.

"Wicked" Gallery Pics2

More from Mr. Gay Competition 2008

I have to say I really liked experiencing this competition. I wasn't in it, but i got to see it from up close and it looked both fun and hard. I have a lot of respect for these boys. Each one represented their city well. The US has a lot of amazing and respectful gay men. This competition is set to break the stereotype of the gays that are sometimes portrayed over the top in Film, Media, Etc. Although, i don't really think it helps to break a stereotype with a swim suit competition;-) lol.

Check out more on the MR Gay Competition Website.

Wicked Teaser and Pics

If you really love this scene and want to see more of it, buy it here.

Out & About

Here are some pictures that mean alot to me. Like this one below. It's me with both my mom and dad at the GAYVN Awards in San Fran. I was the first pornstar to bring both mom & pop to this ceremony. My parents support me and my career. I couldn't ask for better parents and i'm so lucky & blessed to be loved by them.

Here I am in Seattle in front of the Space Needle. We went up to the top and checked out all of the city. Seattle is a great city to check out. Lots of bars. We went to this karaoke bar one night and let me tell you, I'd never seen so many gay boys singing. They know how to relax and have fun.

Me just hanging out with friends. I can see i'm listening b/c i didn't even see the camera;-)

I'm with some of the boys in San Diego eating and drinking at Urban Mo's. IF you go there, look for David, Wes & Taj. These boys are amazing and tons of fun. Oh, and cute;-)

Steve up in the cliffs showing off;-)

Me cooling down at the ranch in Canada.

Steve & I tobogganing down the hills next to my house out in Canada. You can tell i'm fucking loving this stuff. You can't see it, but steve's in a leg brace from surgery he had a few weeks earlier. This was totally dangerous, but steve loved the snow. Can't get enough. He's from South Texas and never sees it. So he was not gonna miss this chance.

Here's a super sexy image/ad of Steve. This is one of my favorites and coolest.

Brent Everett in drawings by fans

Guys... every once in a while I get some really special e-mails/messages from fans that just touch my heart. I do read my e-mail, although it might not be the same day it's sent. I'm not always home, but when i do, I try to get back to all of you in a timely manner. Some e-mails are funny, others sexual, and some just crazy. LOL. But every once in a while, I get e-mails with content that deserves for people to see. These awesome drawings were sent to me & I really want to share them with you. I'm so glad I have this blog to post them on . If you guys have creative pics/drawing or video that you want to share with me and for all the other horny people that come to this blog, please send 'em in. E-mail them HERE.

Out & About

Janet Jackson's "Feedback"

This song is just fucking amazing. Janet's on top of her game and it's super catchy. I just had to post it for you to see. The video's okay, but the songs awesome. She looks better and better every year.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Super Soaked. Me & Roman Heart Teaser

Weekends out and about

Hey boys, hope your weekend is off to a great start. Mine is okay so far. It's raining and depressing here in Southern Cali. I'm off to go and watch a scary movie with my friends and then maybe go out to the club to dance my night away. Here are some pictures from past weekends that were really fun.

Here's a picture with Pornstar Josh Vaughn & Steve In Washington DC. We danced at Cobalt with promoter Jason Royce bringing us in. Jason was awesome and took really good care of us. Josh is hot and sexy too. Josh was also in the movie Starting Young 2. He was paired up with Christian Owen doing a flip flop fuck scene.

Most of you might not know this but Josh is also a Texas boy just like Steve. So they immediately had things to talk about.;-) Yes, everything in Texas is Made Big. lol. Anyways, The weekend had us staying out late and have lots of fun;-) Josh danced on the Saturday night that weekend, and i danced the Friday. So I had lots of fun sight seeing and meeting all the cool boys. DC is an amazing city. Oh, and Jason's bringing us back this year too. So look for us there in the up coming months.

Here's a picture with Billboard recording artist "Crystal Waters". She was headlining with me at an event in LA. Nicks on the far left, Steve in t he middle and Justice Paige on the far right.

Here's JUST US BOYS's editor and chief "Angel Benton" with his friend at the Crucible in San Diego. Angel is fucking awesome and partied with us the entire weekend.

here's the cover image for the "SMUT" Calendar out right now for Channel 1. Buy it inside my store section.

Here's Steve & I backstage at RICH's in San Diego. There was a documentary film crew that came in from Hollywood to film the entire weekend.

Me & Josh Vaughn on the promotional flyer in DC