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Saturday, 29 March 2008

Brent Everett visits the Calgary Tower in Alberta, Canada

Here I am walking on glass that's hundreds of feet/meters above downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It's fucking scary shit. Steve & I both wanted to do it and talked about doing it on our way to Calgary. It was something we HAD to do. Well... it was easier said that done. We did it, but not without hesitation. Steve's afraid of heights. He's been asked to do Fear Factor a couple of times when it was on, but passed on it because he knew he would not fair well with the height challenge if it came to it.

Steve walked on it for me. He walked on it first before me just to prove he could and it was awesome. My try on it was funny and you see it as it happened on this video. Steve captured it on film & recorded it LIVE for everyone to see.

Check it out. It's cool. It's short, but you see me do it. I swear to god though, you do hear the glass make noises while you walk on it. It's almost like it's cracking, but it isn't. It's enough to make you freak out and get off just as fast as you get on.

Love you boys!!!

Brent Everett

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Candid pics of "JAY" on Brent Everett.com

Jay's a straight U.S. Marine and isn't afraid to show what god's blessed him with!

Jay's looking to get into the porn business and is also friends with Steve. He takes Steve up on his offer to go full frontal and see if he gots what it takes to make it in the business.

We both agree that Jay's got the looks, personality and body for it (COCK TOO)! Judge for yourself... See it only on BRENT EVERETT.com

"In the Navy"

... I go United States Sailor in this show

In this show I give you the biggest cum shot I've ever blown caught on camera. I not only go over my head, but i catch most of it on my face. My eye gets most of the milky wetness & I can tell you it burns!!!! These are teaser pics. The vid is gonna be up shortly. Look for it and see for yourself! I tell you about my time on US Camp Pendleton with Steve and how we fucked on base with both his roommates still there. It's one for the books.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Good Genes

Good looks, good hair & great bodies!

A post by Steve

I just had to put this up so all you boys could see that Brent's family is not only awesome, fun and good to be around... But also Freakin' HOT! His brother is super cute, and both his cousins are studs as well. It doesn't end there fellas, his whole family is gorgeous. What's even better is that all of them have welcomed me to the family. I don't feel like an outsider at all. They've all done everything to make sure I feel part of the group/circle/family. They support Brent and his career and are very proud of him and his accomplishments. Brent doesn't mention this part much often, so I wanted to for him.

Check out the looks for yourself and you be the judge.




Here's MR. GAY USA 2008

Josh is an awesome guy and really down to earth. I met him during the competition a few months back when Steve (Who was also a contestant) introduced us. I am really happy that he won the competition. He really is someone who cares about our community and wants to break the stereotypes that seem to be the norm in the media, press etc.

Josh resides in Los Angeles and is single:-)

Kicking back at our place before we all go out to the club

Hey boys! Here's a great picture of all our close military friends right before we go out and let loose in San Diego. This was also a night when Chi Chi Larue partied along with us.


Saturday, 22 March 2008

See me LIVE this Tuesday! I'm back in the USA & horny as hell!

Vid Caps from my "Houston Here I CUM!"

I think it's pretty fucking hot when you can see a guys cock through his undies. It's kinda of a tease, but that's what makes it awesome! I do what others have done to me. The undies still on, wet and the cock Hard as ROCK! I think it's cool and accomplishes my fantasy. Check it out and see for yourself in the video HERE.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Do you like it Hard or Soft?

... your bed that is.

Hey boys,
These past weeks have been crazy and fun. We traveled all over Canada and slept in different hotels and homes of relatives. The beds we slept on either sucked or were amazing. But one thing for sure, we experienced soft, firm and hard beds. Pillows also made the difference. I like a semi firm bed with a soft pillow that allows me to either sleep on my stomach or on my side. I know you're probably wondering why I'm evening talking about this. The thing is I love my sleep. I love getting at least 8 hours of rest and the bed makes all the difference. Steve can toss and turn all night till he gets comfortable. I fall asleep in seconds. At home we have a great bed and fall asleep pretty quickly and wake up ready to go. The sex before bed also helps:-) This is true boys & girls. Having an orgasm before bedtime helps you sleep at night. Try it and see...

Anyhow, all i'm saying is I'm glad to be home on my bed. I love it and I took it for granted. We came back from our trip lacking a little sleep and having to work right away in Los Angeles for an event at HERE bar with Chi Chi & Jason Sechrest. The event went great and everyone was amazing. I was suppose to stay up and sleep over with some friends after the show, but Steve & I decided to just suck it up and drive home to SD, a 2 hour drive. We were just fed up with other beds that weren't our own and just missed being away from our place.

I sit here a few feet away from my bed and I'm smiling ear to ear b/c tonight will be the first night in 3 long weeks I get to fuck & sleep in OUR bed. God am I looking forward to it. Our bed that's somewhere between hard and soft, big enough to stretch your legs/body all over and still not bother your boyfriend next to you.

Till next time,

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Straight boys Rhett & Neal experiment with each other on BrentEverett.com

Rhett is a straight, but curious college student wanting to explore his sexuality and also earn extra cash. He's 18 years old and has blond hair, blue eyes and has a nice skater body. He's 7.5 inches, cut and smooth all over.

Our other boy is Neal. He's straight as can be & we really make him go that extra mile for your viewing pleasure. Neal is also a college student, with brown hair, cut, 8.5 inch cock with a little body hair, but mostly smooth and his dick really is nice. He's into football and anything requiring a jock;-)

He does really well stroking his cock along side another boy. He get's comfortable enough to allow Rhett to stroke his cock and then get in on the stroking action as well, holding and jacking Rhett off, beat for beat.

These boys have never met and have never done anything with the same sex. Check out how Rhett constantly checks out Neal and his big cock. Neal is not shy and goes straight for Rhett's cock. These boys jack each other off and it's awesome seeing Neal be hard the entire time. He loves how his cock is being "man-handled", pardon the pun. ;-) You'll see how Rhett slowly goes in for the cock and Neal allow him to do so. What's even better is Neal then returns the favor soon there after. He's not really all about it, but it's fucking amazing seeing him attempt give a blow job and take most of the cock down his throat. Pretty good for an amateur if i do say so myself.

The best part is how Neal cums right into Rhett's thirsty mouth. Watch how he swallows Neal's cum and almost worship his cock in the end.

This is one cool & crazy scene boys. ENJOY IT HERE!

Brent Everett

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Back In the USA

Hey Guys,

I'm back and kicking from a long, long visit home in Canada. I have so many stories and so many pics/vids to show you. First I have to go up to LA for my event with Chi Chi and Jason Sechrest, but I'll be back home in SD soon there after. I missed you all so much and I can't wait to get back to work with the site. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Brent Everett

LaRue, Everett to Appear in Person

By G. Zisk Rice
Posted: 2:49 PM PST Mar 17, 2008LOS ANGELES - DJ Chi Chi LaRue and Brent Everett will make a special personal appearance Wednesday evening as part of Jason Sechrest's Porn Star of the Week program at Here Lounge in West Hollywood.LaRue will spin tunes from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., and Everett - star of LaRue's Sized Up and Doug Jeffries' 2nd Inning: Little Big League 2 - will take to the stage for some dirty dancing.In addition, transsexual performer Wendy Williams will make a brief appearance to give away free XXX-rated DVDs.

Monday, 17 March 2008

From Jabb Management

Brent Everett appearing at Porn Star of the Week at Here Lounge on March 19th, 2008

Coming up this Wednesday night, March 19th, 2008, Jason Sechrest has porn star Brent Everett appearing for his weekly Porn Star of the Week event at Here Lounge. Brent is one hot boy... and his boyfriend club promoter Steve Pena is equally as hot! I just chatted with Steve and they are up in Canada visiting Brent's family and freezing their sweet muscle asses off. They fly into LA Tuesday so watch for the duo around town before the event as San Diego's sexiest couple comes to West Hollywood for what is sure to be plenty of debauchery.

HERE Bar & Chi Chi Larue on WED

Hey guys, I'll be doing a show at HERE bar in West Hollywood with Chi Chi and Jason Sechrest. I'll have the press release up as soon as I can.


Last weekend in Canada

Hey guys,
I'm in a hotel right now and i had a few minutes to post this from this cute girl we met at the straight bar here in Regina. We went to SOHO's.

Hi Brent,

I had such a good time last night! I feel a bit of a fool now that I have found out who you are....I told some friends over breakfast today that I met this fabulous couple last night that seemed so happy together...yadda yadda yadda and then remembered that you gave me a flyer. After showing it to them they were floored that I met you and that I was so clueless....haha. Anyways I hope you two had a fabulous time last night...if you are ever in town again give me a heads up....you two have crazy energy and it was a lot of fun. Take care.


Thursday, 6 March 2008

I'm freezing my ass off up here!!

Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a while. I'm still up here on the Canadian prairies, in the middle of our country where it's coldest (not including the far north, of course). Steve & I are freezing our asses off. We're having a great time, except for this morning when I had to change a tire at -30 degrees Celsius (-20 Fahrenheit).

We're heading a bit west of here, to the big city, to Calgary, Alberta on Saturday. Steve & I will be there till Tuesday, March 11th. So, if you're around the 17th Avenue area during those days, look out for me! And say hello if you see me! :-)