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Friday, 30 August 2013


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's new HD video is from last week's live webcam show (which, being on a Sunday afternoon here in Calgary, thankfully went off without a hitch) - it's called "Brent and his Fleshjack" and was in response to one of your suggestions that I hadn't used a Fleshjack in quite some time.

Just so you know, Fleshjacks, dildos and my Channel 1 Releasing DVDs are still available through BuyBrent.com, even though the store is closed because of the ongoing problems that you know about. Those items are just ordered through the store and not actually fulfilled by me. I can tell you that we are on the trail of a solution to the payment provider problem, so hopefully it won't be long before you can again get those things that you really can't do without, lol.

Another suggestion that one of you made recently was to raffle off something at the end of webcam shows to one of the members taking part (since I can't do bingos yet). I'm planning to do that starting next week (just please remind me during the show, so I don't forget, lol). Of course, remember, you have to be there to win something... ;-)

The next webcam show will be on Tuesday, September 3rd at 5pm Pacific (internet willing).

- Brent

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I have to start off with an apology for the screwed up webcam show last week. We still don't know for sure why there are bandwidth problems here at supper time. So we'll try again this coming Sunday, August 25th at 2pm Pacific. We haven't had any problems with weekend afternoon webcams, so please keep your fingers crossed. Apart from that, the earlier time will make it easier for the European members to participate.

Today's new HD video - James Justin visits Brent - was supposed to be live during the webcam show. Instead we shot it afterwards. I think that just made it hotter, because we didn't have to be aware of where the webcam was all the time and we could concentrate on things that were more fun.

Take a look, I think you'll agree. ;-)

- Brent

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Hey guys, check this out. This is the official trailer for the documentary "I'm a Pornstar" that I'm appearing in with a number of other stars. It was shot earlier this year, my part up in Whistler during the annual WinterPRIDE festiaval in February 2013. It'll be released in about six months, but you may be able to see it before then in a number of film festivals around the world soon.

- Brent